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Almanac is a knowledge base that combines wisdom from tech leaders with your team's own practices.

Tools, templates and guides

Access to tools, templates, and guides from top startup minds.

Build atop Almanac's foundation

Technology to build custom knowledge on top of Almanac’s base content.

Formats for action and search

Formats that make your information actionable, searchable, fresh.

Power up with Almanac’s base layer of tools, templates, and guides for every team.

Wisdom curated to help everyone at your company learn and grow:

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Build atop Almanac's foundation Build atop Almanac's foundation


Save guides and tools to your own playbook where you can edit, comment, and make them useful for your team.

Leverage amazing, powerful compositional tools.




Find just the answer you’re looking for in seconds with lightning-fast search.

Docs are indexed into bite-sized snippets for an extremely powerful search experience.


Create continually better knowledge through sharing, commenting, suggestions, and ratings.

Save docs you like or need later.


How much does Almanac cost?

Almanac Core


Read, share, and save any information from the Almanac Core

Almanac Teams

$10 per user / month

Customize, import, and add private documentation where you can share, comment, and collaborate with your team